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Before & After:

Name: Sheila
Age: 69
Date of Diagnosis: 9/29/90
Date of Treatment: November, 2007

Symptoms Before Treatment:
• Trouble with balance – several bad falls.
• Fatigue.
• Muscle spasms in left leg.
• Foot drop – trip over rugs or anything.
• Walked touching anything available including walls.
• Walked with knees bent (in a crouched position).
• Used scooter most of the time except inside the house.
• Used walker for short distances.
• Left foot on ground – like glued to ground.

Results From treatment:
Better balance
• Stand straight, can stand without holding on to anything for a long period of time.
• Can take off top (blouse) over head without falling over
• Shower without holding on to bar
More energy
• Clean things that I haven’t done in years (like silver).
• Can jump. I get both feet off the ground! Yea!
• Better quality of life.

Sheila's Story

30 Days in China

I have Multiple Sclerosis and in November 2007, my husband and I spent the month in China so I could be treated with Stem Cell transplantation by Beike technology. It was a valuable experience because of the treatments that I received and being with the Chinese people and their culture and their medicine. I received five stem cell transplantations of which four were spinal taps and the other was an IV. The Chinese treat the whole body and in addition to the stem cell treatments, I had Physical Therapy twice a day, Chinese massage and acupuncture three times a week. Sunday was a day of rest with no therapy.

The reason for my seeking this treatment was because I have had MS for 25 years and tried various treatments and wanted to try another approach. I was not on any medication at the time. I could walk, but I walked with my knees bent and I could take two or three steps at the most without any aids. I fell frequently and used a scooter for most of the time away from the house. Inside, I used the walls to touch and assist me with balance.

Upon arriving at the hospital outside of Haikou City, China on Hainan island; we were greeted by the whole Beike staff. We were introduced to all the doctors and nurses by an interpreter. One doctor, Dr. Michael, and a nurse, Joan, could speak English. The rest of the staff could speak no English. At times Dr. Mike would says "Hmm" and I would know that he didn't understand my question. Joan was limited in her English. The whole staff made us feel very comfortable by their warm attitude towards us. We grew to love these people!

The grounds of the hospital were lovely - like a resort. Beautiful coconut trees graced the landscaped campus lined with lovely bushes, benches and a winding sidewalk. The hospital consisted of a motellike strip for "apartments" where we lived with an outside door, a building for the Stem Cell treatments and after we had been there for a week, a restaurant.

We were taken to our "apartment" right away which consisted of our bedroom with two hospital beds, a small area with a sofa, refrigerator and a desk set up for our lap top computer and our bathroom with including a shower. However, the shower was a hand-held one with no curtain that sprayed water all over and under the door. No problem. John got a sponge to mop up the water and stuffed something under the
door to keep the water from flooding the entryway. All a part of our adventure! You have to remember that you are in another country and things are a little different. Now, the toilet was just like we have in the states. However, when we went out of the hospital area that is a different story. For a person who doesn't have very good balance, using the restroom can be a challenge!

The day that we arrived we just got settled in our room. The next morning, the staff came in to see me as they did every morning we were there. Stanley, our interpreter, brought us breakfast from a Chinese area off of the hospital campus consisting of homemade rolls and fruit. I need to insert in here that we were located in a very poor agrarian area. There wasn't restaurant to walk to -Stanley would bring our food to us for the first week before a restaurant was built on the hospital campus. Other hospitals are located where you have access to restaurants, etc. That first full day, I had some tests taken and got acquainted with our surroundings.

John journaled the entire trip which helped me immensely to recall everything. The next day I had my first stem cell transplantation. Joan was right with me and kept telling me, "I am your nurse." and patted my arm. Joan put in an IV. Then the doctor had me lie on my side and curl my legs up. Someone swabbed my back and they gave me an injection to numb the area. I only felt some pressure as he inserted the needle for the spinal- I had no pain or discomfort. Joan kept asking me if I was alright. The whole thing lasted about an hour and then they wheeled me back to my room. This was the hardest time!!! I had to be on my back and not put my head up for 4 - 6 hours. I lasted the whole 6 hours. They cautioned me that if! got up, I could have a terrible head-ache.

We would hire a driver and Stanley, John and I plus usually a nurse or two would go with us on Sunday and we would venture out to the beach or a market. Dr. Mike went with us one time. These outings were so much fun and we got to know the people there. It was great. We really had a good time. After the first stern cell treatment, I noticed a difference! I could stand up straighter! My balance was better and I could walk slowly. Dr. Mark, my physical therapist, told me (through Stanley) not to use a cane as I tend to lean to one side. He wants me to use a walker and that's what I do. Dr. Mark was the best Physical Therapist!

I owe a lot to my husband, John, for making the whole time such a success. He went to every physical therapy session with me. He wrote everything down and watched Dr. Mark give me massages which John continued after we got home.

Now some people are completely back to normal after having these treatments. That is not the case with me and I pretty much knew that I would have to keep working on my progress when I go back home. I started back to the YMCA when we got back, did the exercises that Dr. Mark had given me and tried to rest whenever I got tired. Dr. Mark always said, "The secret is to rest!" After two months of being back, I went to a Chinese acupuncturist here. Now it had been seven months since I have been back and I am going to Physical Therapy. Dr. Mark told me that in order for me to walk better that I have to build up my muscles. I know that he is right and so that is what I am doing.

Neither John nor I have regretted for one moment our trip to China. We feel very blessed to have hac the opportunity for my treatment and to have lived with such precious people for 30 days.

courtyard on hospital campus
Courtyard on Hospital Campus

hospital staff
Hospital Staff

interview with Chinese Newspapaper
Interview with Chinese Newspaper

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