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 Patients' Experiences >> Preston


Before & After:

Name: Preston
Age: 39
Date of Diagnosis: December 2001
Date of Treatment: May 2008
Place of Treatment: Costa Rica

Symptoms Before Treatment:
• Symptoms Before Treatment: depression, fatigue, a lack of cognitive clarity and an uneven walk

Results From treatment:
• An occasional cognitive cloud is the only symptom still existing.

Preston's Story

In hindsight, I realize some of these symptoms began in the late 90's. The cognitive cloud really showed up after I returned to college. The uneven walk began a lot sooner than that. I remember some of my friends commenting on the walk as early as high school but I figured I was just clumsy.

I asked my family doctor of many years about the symptoms. He gave me the not so medical diagnosis of "young timer's disease." He also told me, "Slow down and take some vitamins ...It will heal itself." I bought it for a while. You see, I am a police sergeant in Fort Worth, TX. I work at least 40 hours a week at my normal job and have secondary jobs. I also have two kids. Who has time for slowing down anyway? His brother in-law is a state trooper and I guess from that experience he felt he could make the "diagnosis." Well, I bought it for a while. I trusted this guy and had been seeing him for at least 15 years.

When work changed insurance plans, I had the chance to jump ship and get another opinion. The new primary care physician apparently recognized all of the symptoms and referred me to a neurologist. After some tests were ran, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in December 2001. I started taking Avonex and soon added Wellbutrin XL (anti-depressant) and Razadyne for the mental clarity. Within a couple of years, my neurologist told me I would be an ideal candidate for stem cells if they were ever approved within the United States. I knew it wouldn't happen within the U.S. for a while so I began researching treatments elsewhere.

I reviewed several options and eventually went with a friend's, Richard Humphries, research. Richard also has MS and was interested in stem cell research. He learned of the Institute for Cellular Medicine in San Jose, Costa Rica. The CEO of the clinic is Dr. Neil Riordan. Dr. Riordan was educated in Kansas, which for me was peace of mind.

Richard Humphries and I went down there together, May 11-28th, 2008. As with everyone, his MS was different than mine. He suffered from a lot of pain and spasticity but also had the cognitive "cloud." We knew the treatment consistent of five intrathecal injections and 5 physical therapy sessions.

It didn't end there though. The doctors at ICM were very accessible to us from the nearby hotel, Apartotel Cristina so we were able to drop by and visit quite often. On one such visit, Richard, who was a nursing home administrator before MS took his hold on him, we asked the doctors if there was anything "new" they would like to try. They agreed to try something.

We underwent a mini-liposuction where they removed stem cells taken from our body fat, cultured them and injected them into us IV. I can honestly say it was the best $20k even spent. Today, I am MS symptom free!!! Although, I will admit to an occasional cognitive cloud. Richard is also symptom free!! Richard, who was given a full-ride to LSU for golf some time ago, is now able to play golf again and give golf lessons.

We were truly blessed and happy to spread the word of the hope that stem cells has provided us!!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate the general public on stem cell therapies now available to treat common neurological diseases and injuries.

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