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 Patients' Experiences >> Betty


Before & After:

Name: Betty
Age: 58
Date of Diagnosis: May 2000
Date of Treatment: May 2007
Place of Treatment: Shenzhen, China

Symptoms Before Treatment:
I was diagnosed with relapse-remitting MS in 2000. It affected me mostly on my right side. I could not walk long distances without my leg getting numb, my knee giving out, & my foot dropping. This caused me to trip/fall a lot. I also had optic nerve damage and double vision. I have no tolerance for heat. It just devastates me. It seemed that with each passing year, I had less and less stamina. I felt like I was in a fog, just observing everything around me but not being actually involved in it. Even though this is hard for most people to understand, it probably makes sense to you. I don't think you can identify with it unless you've experienced it.

Results From treatment:
I can feel the right side of my forehead and face. My right side feels just like my left side. I have no double vision. I definitely have much more stamina and do not have a problem with walking and balance. When I first started treatment, the doctors were having to stand behind me to catch me when I was exercising on the steps in rehab because I was so wobbly. I can now walk with one foot in front of the other, both frontwards and backwards, go up and down steps, both frontwards and backwards, without any concern. Before I had to really think about each step when I was walking - now I just walk. I feel almost like a normal person (if there is such a thing). As far as how long this will last - they really don't know.

Additional Details:
Dr. Hu, of Beike Biotech, said he had been following an MS patient for 1 1/2 years, and he still had maintained the results. It may be just the luck of the draw. But, I feel hope is a wonderful thing and this at least gives you a sense of some control over the situation. A positive attitude is definitely a big plus.


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