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 Patients' Experiences >> Kaci


Before & After:

Name: Kaci
Age: 6
Date of Diagnosis: 2003
Date of Treatment: July 3, 2008
Place of Treatment: Tijuana, Mexico Dr. Fernando Ramirez

Symptoms Before Treatment:
Kaci has moderate cerebral palsy (thanks to all of her EARLY interventions). She is able to walk with aide of a walker, and can use forearm crutches within her home environment. She has "audible" speech issues, but cognitively she functions above her age. Her fine motor abilities are somewhat below those within her own age group.

Results From treatment:
Since the treatment, Kaci's been eating like a horse! Her speech has slightly improved and she's progressing nicely in physical therapy. Also, her muscle tone (as noted by her massage therapist) has defiantly
decreased. Since it's only been 5 weeks (today) since her treatment, I suspect more noticeable improvements are yet to come before too long.

Additional Details:
I will update new results as they appear.


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